mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Interests in mechanized operations of forestry soil preparation, planting or maintenance

The main interests of mechanized forestry operations of soil preparation, planting or maintenance are:

- Improved productivity
Often these operations must respect, if not a calendar, at least the optimum conditions in temperature, humidity or age.
The advantage of mechanization is to achieve in a given time a larger area.

- Improved quality of work
In addition to the productivity improvement quality of work is improved because the machine, unlike man, tirelessly repeats the same job.

If the equipment is adequate and well adjusted the final quality is generally better, particularly when one is forced
to use less skilled labor in order to hold its objectives .

- Improved rate of recovery and growth of plants
During sensitive operations such as soil preparation or planting the quality of work affects significantly the rate of recovery or seedling growth.

Plant growth can be reduced by half in some cases and the rate of recovery can drop significantly when the work of preparation and implementation is poorly done.

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