mercredi 11 mars 2015

Video of Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier drum choppers at work

Since Mr Darriet invented in 1922 the first drum chopper the tool has evolved a lot.

It has been improved to face the increase of power of tractors and have more yield, this all without losing its quality of work.

The tools on the video benefit from the latest techniques we have developed to limit the breakage, improve productivity and thus further reduce costs of use.

The working efficiency is a function of speed, mass and length of blades.

The warranty on the sealing is of 3 years*.

The tandem (two drum choppers) is used in ground preparation to further improve the quality of the work.

Each tool is made on request, based on our customer's requirements: working width, type of work to be achieved, tractor power, options ...

* Please contact us for more details

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