dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Our story on how to mulch and export biomass

Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier is working on grinding with exportation since 2009, in collaboration with Eider and Serrat companies.

The start of the project began on the military base of Montmorillon with an Eider rubber track vehicle, a FX Serrat mulcher with swinging hammers and a farming harvester...  

Forest grinding with Eider rubber track vehicle - the first trials in 2009
The mulching was successful but the pickup needed to be ameliorated.

In 2009 we continued to work with Eider on the concept and designed the BREC (exportating mulcher with pickup).
Biomass exportating mulcher - the 2011 prototype
Shredding and pickup were executed perfectly, exportation was somewhat laborious and it required improvements throughout 2012.

In 2013 the SLAT company acquired the exportating mulcher Biogreen for small vegetation to mount it on his Gregoire TC 160 rubber track vehicle.

Biomass exportating mulcher - the industrial version
In 2014 the same company trusted again the Serrat mulchers by ordering the company Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier a new Biogreen (with hydraulic offset one).

Ménard-Darriet Cullerier designed a rubber track vehicle the MD TRACK 250, with Eider's partnership, to allow the company SLAT to mulch and export in sensitive areas such as wetlands, loose soil ...

MD TRACK 250 with biomass exportating mulcher - first ride in wetlands
For 2015, the company Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier forecasts with Serrat mulchers to provide a forestry version of the Biogreen: the Bioforest based on a FX mulcher with swinging hammers.

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